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Guidance from Jolanda & Luc

Jolanda Hazemeijer - Krachtige Vrije Vleugels
Luc Angevaare - Angelluc

"Terug naar je roots" means "back to your roots" and we mean the deep spiritual roots so that you can be here on Earth rooted in all aspects of your BEing.
Our unique combination means that we can work very deeply. We complement each other super, simply put, the heart focus of Jolanda with the Earth as specialty together with the mind focus of Luc with the specialisation outside the Earth. However, the reality of our collaboration is much more complex than that description. It includes many aspects that are invisible to most. Each of us has a unique way of cleaning. We mainly use the Ask & Intent method (brought to Earth by Caroline Cory) with which we clear blockages at a deep level. In addition sacred spaces and living areas are cleaned with special cleaning techniques. We advocate a long-term and thorough approach that involves rebuilding from the ground up. Where possible, quick solutions are always used.
We really enjoy our cooperation. We support each other in working on our own processes. With this we constantly update ourselves and can therefore be present with an always clear focus for you as a customer. We are happy to work with you too!

When is longer guidance useful?

  • To work intensively on a theme that recurs throughout your life, for example: abundance or relationships.
  • To set up your company or to remove blockages on your company or on your income. Or to find a new job.
  • To support the integration after a personal session (which works deeply). Depending on where you are in your development, that integration will take more time and, just like after a 3-day course where you are in the "high", you can fall back to your daily habit(s)) after a while. That in itself is okè. However, if something happens that stops the process, which triggered the session or course, you will lose track. This happens, for example, when a new blockage related to the same theme arises.
  • During or after a break in your relationship.
  • In case of structural, temporary or postnatal depression, in case of loss of loved ones or work, for example.
  • To lose weight.
  • To free your (spiritual) path from many blockages under the guidance of 2 coaches, to go for an active clearing path for your development or create a breakthrough. .
  • In principle, we can work on anything. If your theme is not listed, you can always mail us with the question whether we can do something for you.
With longer guidance, we regularly look in collaboration with you and your feedback, where you stand and what is needed. Such as which blockages we can clear, the direction we are heading and determine what you can do yourself to improve, to achieve a new balance. We communicate this by email and you can ask us questions that we answer as aligned as possible. In other words, we have divided a "normal" one-off session into pieces, with shorter clearings over several days so that we can adjust and deepen the effect it has on you, in cooperation with you.
But we do also normal one-time (or a series of) online Zoom (online live)) sessions if that is more aligned at that time.

In addition, we can also be reached for brief moments of insight, such as when making choices, such as, for example, “Are these medicaments good for me?”, Or “Is this therapist good for me?” J, “Can I eat these foods? " .... to see what is best for you (including your body) at the moment. And we are very open about this, so do not be surprised if we indicate things that fall outside the normal framework, that are generally applicable, because individually the answers are often different. Everyone, even if they have the same complaints, needs a different approach, because the cause, by which the problems emerge, has arisen through different ways, in other words, is unique, just as you are unique :-).

Pakckages & Prices

The work we do requires a lot of focus and energy and we have found that we need to be careful with our recovery times. Hence, we do not work weekends and holidays, including the holidays we are free to plan in.
The clearings are possible on 4 weekdays, Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, so Thursday is our day off and only very exceptionally, if we feel that there is a real need, we deviate from that.

Furthermore, the principle of purchasing a package is very simple, the larger the package, the cheaper the price for a clearing is in proportion.

Short insightmoments

Insightmoment 1

This option gives you the opportunity to let us look at something briefly, such as a few choices what you stand for, no matter what topic. You send us a mail with what you want clarity about and we will answer our insight after the clearing.

Exchange: € 30,-

Insightmoment 2

This option gives you the opportunity to let us look at a few topics, such as multiple choices you have to choose from, no matter what area. You send us an email with what you want clarity about and we will answer you our insights after the clearing.

Exchange: € 60,-

Do you need more insights (eg a whole diet) or is it more complex, do you want more insights or also that blockages are cleared, then we recommend a trial week (if this is your first time with us) or the regular week.

Order an Insightmoment here

For more information, to request which support is best for you, for payment in installments or to schedule when to start: mail us

Packages for small or mediocre problems

Trial Package: 2x clearings of 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange.

It is called a trial package to give you the opportunity to get to know our working method at a reduced rate. However, we do exactly the same as we would do with normal clearings, so you experience exactly how we work, so that you can experience whether our working method suits you and if necessary. make a more conscious choice if you want to purchase a package for a longer period.

Exchange: € 125,-

(only once usable per human being)

Package 1: 2 clearings of 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed or Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange.

This is like a normal session divided into 2 shorter clearings. So for a theme that requires short attention.
This is useful if, for example, you want a week (or 2) of support or after you have had a month of clearings and some time off, you want to take a week (or 2) to clean up again.

Exchange: € 180,-

(€ 90 per clearing)

Package 2: 4 clearings of 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange.

This option can be taken for a slightly more elaborate theme.

Exchange: € 344,-

(€ 86 per clearing)
(Payment in installments possible on request)

Package 3: 6 clearings of 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange.

This option can be taken for a slightly more elaborate theme.

Exchange: € 492,-

(€ 82 per clearing)
(Payment in installments possible on request)

Package 4: 8 clearings of 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange.

This option can be taken if you have multiple themes to tackle

Exchange: € 624,-

(€ 78 per clearing)
(Payment in installments possible on request)

Order your package here

For more information, to request which support is best for you, for payment in installments or to schedule when to start: mail us

Packages for larger, more serious, chronic or seemingly unsolvable problems

Ask us to see what is useful for you - Also with these packages, you can also use it for e.g. family members.
Besides that this is also very useful, with our flexible packages when you want two coaches on your side whom you can ask for guidance when you need it.

Package 5: 16 clearings of 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange.

This option is useful if you have a larger theme that needs longer attention, but not a year, or if you do not want to or cannot commit yourself for 1 year or if you just want our guidance on your side of a shorter period of time.

Exchange: € 1184,-

(€ 74 per clearing)
(Payment in installments possible on request)

Package 6: 32 clearingsof 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange.

This option is useful if you have a larger theme that needs longer attention, but not a year, or if you do not want to or cannot commit yourself for 1 year or if you just want our guidance on your side of a shorter period of time.

Exchange: € 2240,-

(€ 70 per clearing)
(Payment in installments possible on request)

Package 7: 52 clearings of 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange

This option is especially useful if, for example, you are long-term / chronically ill and need a longer process to bring about change. With this amount of clearings you can cover a year (52 weeks) with a clearing 2x a week.
Also great if you want to work intensively on yourself with 2 coaches by your side. This automatically affects your health, your relationship(s), your work and / or your company (aspects of your company automatically come into the picture), your place of residence, etc.

Exchange: € 3432,-

(€ 66 per clearing)
(Payment in installments possible on request)

Package 8: 104 clearings of 30 minutes (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri, except holidays) & emailexchange.

This option is especially useful if you are, for example, long-term / severely chronically ill, your case seems hopeless, there seems to be no way out and you have not or hardly gotten better or worse for years and need a longer, intensive process to bring about change. This is like a clearing 4 times a week for a year (52 weeks) or 2 times a week during 2 years.
This is also a turbo package if you really want to work intensively on yourself with 2 coaches by your side. This automatically affects, for example, your health, your relationship (s), your work and / or your company (and aspects of your company will automatically come into the picture), your place of residence, etc. As the package is flexible, you can use it for 1 or 2 times a week, or 3 of 4 times when you need to pass some extra hurdles. This is probably for 1-2 years (4x a week is 1 year, 2x a week is 2 years), but when you feel you need breaks you profit even longer of it.

Package: € 6448,-

(€ 62 per clearing)
((Payment in installments possible on request)

Order your package here

For more information, to request which support is best for you, for payment in installments or to schedule when to start: mail us

Online Live sessies

Separate session via Zoom: This session takes place live online via the webinar system Zoom.

The session is together with Jolanda & Luc. This option is useful if you would like to be actively involved in the session live instead of being supported remotely. Or, for example, if it concerns something where you want live instruction on how to do something.

Exchange (1x): € 150,- p/h

- Invoice afterwards

Exchange (3x): € 140,- p/h

- 2 hour deposit - after the 3rd session the remaining time will be calculated and billed

Make the deposit for the live online sessions here (3x)

For more information, to request which support is best for you, for payment in installments or to schedule when to start: mail us

Feedback clients (English speaking & Dutch speaking-translated)

I highly recommend Luc’s and Jolanda’s work for anyone that’s looking for guidance along their path or those who have a specific goal in mind that they can use some help with to accomplish. Jolanda and Luc will take you by the hand and their guidance and healing is like having some extra superpower in your back pocket.

I first started working with them in their Dare to Live course, which helped me come out of my shell. It set me on a path to dare more to be myself. I liked it so much that I decided to purchase several months worth of support packages from them, to work on other topics and issues as well, such as my studies, self- expression and confidence.

It’s been at least half a year we’re working together now and I’ve hit several milestones that before seemed out of reach for me. With the support of Luc and Jolanda, I gained stronger confidence in my own ability to pursue my dreams.

Personally I notice that the more work I do on my own, the more powerful the healing and the readings from Luc and Jolanda get. So it’s worth also doing your (home)work yourself in addition – the gain will be tenfold.

I’m immensely grateful for Luc and Jolanda’s loving guidance and support and I cannot recommend them highly enough. - K.F.

I have had guidance from Jolanda and Luc for about a year and a half now. That may seem long, but it isn't, since I've been chronic ill for 25 years already. In the beginning I had no idea what exactly they were doing, but I was confident. Gradually it became clearer to me.
Three times a week I send them an e-mail and partly on the basis of this they observe which blockages there are and solve them. We've never met, but yet the guidance is very personal. I really like that it is continuous and several times a week. In this way something is really set and kept in motion.

I have learned to connect with Source, my Heart and the Center of Mother Earth and to properly place and clean my own Sacred Space. Not just being in my head is an ongoing learning process. Furthermore, I learn that I am not alone, but for example together with my Spiritual Family. Although I still find that difficult to experience. I now know that I am part of a very large whole and my body is a physical expression on Earth of my Being.
At a certain point I hope to be able to do what Luc and Jolanda do for myself, by letting my Heart guide me. I'm still going for the time being continue with the guidance, because it is finally going in the right direction for me! <3 Jolande
Dear Jolanda and Luc,
Thank you!! You always have such encouraging warm words for me, full of understanding.
Thank you for really caring. I am always looking forward to the sessions.
They are always spot on and so deep beyond what I imagined. I feel different and more empowered compared to when I have started with you.
You have a very special gift here. Your work is different to any energy healings I have experienced before. And there were a few.
I feel I am finally stepping into my true power and the journey is so exciting.
It is really incredible how my son Tim (9) has changed. He had been feeling bad for a long time; a lot of anger, cruel comments, berating others, accusing for everything that didn't went as he wanted it. He was also very introvert/unsociable and did not want to do anything outside home without his parents.

Immediately after Luc and Jolanda's first session I noticed a huge difference in Tim's behavior. Literally overnight, he became relaxed, open and cheerful. It became cozy at home. For my family, it felt like we were being moved from a war zone to a Bounty Island. Furthermore, Tim went suddenly playing with other children: alone, for the first time in his life, without his parents or brother.

Tim still needs adjustments every few months. One session is then enough to restore his balance. Maybe he will still need it for a while. I am happy and grateful that it is possible and that it works so well for him.

But now we are going on holiday together (again!). Seven months ago I wouldn't have thought this possible!
Thank you very much, dear Luc and Jolanda <3
About six years ago I had several conversations with my walking coach at the time. She soon felt that she couldn't help me because it felt like there was more in the way than we could oversee. Although I already had experienced this for years, I was skeptical and preferred to stick with psychologists and other coaches. My fear was that Luc and Jolanda would solve something without me having control over it, and that it would come back at a later time in my life and I would have no idea how to deal with it. There was also the thought that it would be an 'unnatural' way and instinctively it felt that I woulds skip steps to just not feel what I felt.

But after six years of trying a lot and going through many deep dips, I still have sent them an email. As it has been haunting in my head all this time that they have something to offer that I will not find elsewhere. After some email contact my feeling was clear and I chose their help.

I can best describe what I have experienced with the fact that a weight has fallen from me. A kind of oppressive, indefinable feeling of depression is less and less present. The amount of thoughts I have has also decreased enormously. It is no longer a circus of thoughts tumbling over each other every day without context.

What I wanted was to live more from feeling, because my head seemed to constantly drown it for a long time. Luc and Jolanda have helped me to feel again. To be human. Not to be busy with my emotions all day, but to pay attention to what my feelings say, while I can remain attentive for my environment.
There are still many lessons waiting for me, but the foundation has been laid. - Sjoerd
I joined again the support of Jolanda and Luc, this time "Connect with Nature ".
It appealed to me to be able to have more contact with Nature. And that's indeed succeeded in these 10 days.
But there was always more ... also the connection with Source etc. the meditations etc.
With the clearings again wonderfully touched and gained insights into my actions and omissions, solving even old blockages. The great thing that it was recognizable to me.

Now much more insight into and for nature ... eg. just saw a jay (bird)) devour a mouse .. Am more aware and everything that is not visible is practicing (to get it visible)) and I can move forward there myself, many possibilities are given!

Whatever this duo offers, it is worth it for everyone's awareness and personal growth !

Thank you dear Jolanda and Luc, in connection, Mieke
I enjoyed following the course "a deeper connection with nature".
The meditations and clearings were well attuned to each other. In the clearings blockages could be released that had emerged during the meditation. In the webinars explanations were given and the meditations brought you close to your nature.
It was very nice to get to know the energy of Mother Nature.
Month Package - During my awakening process it was a bit difficult to stabilise my focus on the connection with Source and "I bounced in many directions, as it were".
That's why I asked the support of Jolanda & Luc.
Because of their loving guidance many blockages (those in my subconscious mind) were released, making the focus clear again. I also felt how important also the connection with the earth (and with my higher self) is !!!

What I think is so great about the guidance of Luc and Jolanda is that you have the feeling that you are taken along by a loving, safe hand and also encouraged to remain in your own strength. (And that a lot of baggage that no longer belongs to you is solved!)

Afterwards I felt so much better, calmer and focused ...... I wish this to everyone in their process!
Loving regards, Ellen!
3-Hour block - Luc helped me with my block (s) in an honest and precise manner.
A nice feeling that I was not alone, I felt real involvement Much has changed for the better.
Very nice! - AK
Week Package - I was stuck with my business, got no new customers
That is why I had agreed with Jolanda and Luc that they would tune in to me and feel what was going on. Knowing that they were thinking about me also gave me more focus in seeing my obstacles. Luc and Jolanda told me what they saw in my obstacles and cleared up energetic ballast. Their observation clicked on various points with my own questions and experience, and because of that I suddenly got insights and I was able to let go of some old tough beliefs. The result is that I feel lighter, and have my powers (again) available to take new actions. I experience more space within myself and have more self-confidence. Very helpful and nice!
Thanks again for your help! - Anonymous
2x Week package - I contacted Luc and Jolanda because I was looking for help for the tension in the house. My son has been experiencing a lot of tension all his life.
School especially gives him tension. He has had several forms of assistance. My son's high tension has caused him to lose control over himself a number of times. Situations associated with a lot of grief and powerlessness. My reaction to this was that I tried to remove or prevent tension. This created an undesirable interaction. Just before my son's exams, I noticed the tension in the house building up again. My son did not want a new counselor. After consultation, he was open to help for which he "did not have to do anything". During a trial week with Luc and Jolanda, I and my son were looked at. After this trial week, I already noticed some difference. My son and I reacted to each other differently. My son seemed more confident in himself, less dependent on me. I did notice that the basis was not yet sufficient to continue it myself, after 2 days without a session with Luc and Jolanda, there were 2 moments of tension in my son. We then entered a 2nd week, again with a daily session with Luc and Jolanda. I can still remember one moment. The morning before his second exam, my son came downstairs. I noticed a lot of tension in him, he hardly spoke, his posture was turned down (head down, shoulders slumped) and his eyes were dull. After some time of silence, he suddenly started talking again, his eyes were shining again and he started off to school without too much tension. I have been in contact with Luc about the time of the inspection. This turned out to have been right at the time of my son's cover. After the 2nd week I noticed that my son was better able to keep tension low himself. He needs me much less to find solutions, he invented them himself. He is more confident, literally and figuratively less on tiptoe. This affects our interaction. I can let him go more, trust him to cope.
The best part is that he passed his exams with a healthy tension, instead of high tension with a lot of anger, sadness and impotence. In the meantime he has even found a job that he really enjoys.
My son initially did not want to know anything about the effect of Luc and Jolanda's guidance. However, a week ago he said to me that he still thought the guidance had helped. He felt less tension himself and had the impression that he could handle everything a bit better.
Monthly package - In a very loving way, Jolanda & Luc knew and know how to identify the weaknesses and depths in the foundation
If I were to compare myself to a house, I have done a lot of work in the past to prop up the often shaky walls, repair cracks, repaint, plug holes, etc. However: if the foundation is not properly grounded, if it has holes, the walls will remain vulnerable!
What a blessing to meet Luc, later together with Jolanda.
In a very loving way, Jolanda ∓ Luc knew and know how to point out the weaknesses and depths in the foundation, to remove the causes and thereby strengthen it permanently. I have experienced this in the courses (New Earth and Earth grid) and with personal guidance that was and is so helpful in resolving painful and often unconscious blockages from this or previous lives.
Luc's meditations on Wednesday help me to stay anchored.
The way Luc does the guidance: poignant but never judgmental feedback, accepting and soft in its wording, always giving answers to questions, very involved and stimulating, responsive to questions ......
Where before I could regularly experience my life as quite heavy, it is now getting lighter and more inspired.
In contrast to the past, I can now feel the difference between living and choosing from the head versus the heart much better.
I wish anyone who wants to know themselves to go on a trip with Luc and Jolanda for a while (I have not had personal contact with Jolanda but from Luc I understand that her contribution is great and supportive) to lose unnecessary baggage and to have joy. - Martine
Week package - I would recommend Jolanda & Luc to everyone. It gave our family peace and space
Last year my son underwent a session through HealingDuo (Eugenie & Luc). Which changed a lot.
Now he ran into a lot of frustration and anger that couldn't really be explained.
The help Jolanda & Luc came in handy here.
They worked on him for a week.
In short, it turned out that the anger was not so much with my son, but more in the line of family and especially his father.
A lot has changed for father and son, insight in the father and a lot of space for both.
We are now a month later and there is much more peace and quiet.
I would recommend Jolanda & Luc to everyone. It gave our family peace and space, which we could not put our finger on.
Warm regards Carla 🙏🌬❤️🦋🌸
Personal session from Luc and longer guidance by Jolanda & Luc
At the beginning of January I got a remote session from Luc and a lot has changed positively since then. The best thing I found was the guidance. Normally you do a session and that's it. But now there was the possibility to indicate at any time what happened, changed, questions or whatever. Then Luc and Jolanda went to see what happened, if possible they solved it, and it took more than a brief Zoom session with Luc to work on this. This felt so nice, as if you were really taken by your hand and you didn't have to do it alone. Especially in times when I felt absolutely no physical improvement, Luc gave me the confidence that it was being worked on and that it would get better, and it was!
During this period I also participated in the New Earth Grid & New Earth 30-day. Very intense but very special too! I have been to many places and have met beings that I did not know (consciously) existed. There is still a lot of integration I notice, it always takes a while for me, but there is a much stronger connection from me with the New Earth energy and the confidence that it is really there is now 100%, so that is really cool! So Luc and Jolanda, thank you very much for this beautiful journey ❤️ - SE
Live online Zoom session - Guidance by Jolanda & Luc
Another recommendation are the sessions Luc and Jolanda do together. I experienced this myself some weeks ago, when my body was giving me serious signals I needed to do something about the effects chronic stress was having on me. My body was saying it couldn't go on in that mode much longer. They offered to "take a look" and ended up helping me harmonize my soul and body energy systems. Luc guided the session holding space, and Jolanda is also highly visual and I could understand her “language” and look with her into the visions and understood more about how my Being seems to function and what I am capable of and why it was off balance at that time. This session along with other choices I was making to bring more peace into my body and daily life, made a huge difference and I'm very grateful!
💕Kaiyann Isa
30-day course - Guidance during New Earth Grid & New Earth course by Jolanda & Luc and at home by Jolanda
This course was inspiring for me, beautiful, educational with many insights and very nice with an email every day for inspiration and focus. Every now and then it felt like a whirlwind was passing by, but it was 'calmed down' in a skilful, calm way by Luc and also by Jolanda.
The webinars followed each other in quick succession and that was really nice in the beginning. In the middle of the route it became a bit more 'challenging' because the blockades tried to find a way out. When this was then looked at and felt by Luc and possibly. Jolanda, I was given the right 'push' in my back through tips, healing or attention. I was able to continue and was looking forward to the next beautiful meditation with sometimes 'clearing' of blockages.
I got more and more into my strength and I was able to discover the New Earth energy in a completely different, deep way. My contact with my guidence has increased after my resistance has been removed and I have made a big step in my development.
Also by means of Jolanda's personal guidance with the 'cleaning' of my practice space on different layers and the cleaning and charging of my stones in a very beautiful special way, including with her drum, hands and her attunements to the whole.
In short, a course that I would recommend to everyone!
The support you receive is heart-warming and I have never experienced that before in other courses!
Thank you again dear Luc and Jolanda. - Petra
30-day course - Feedback fragments about the support by Jolanda & me at the New Earth Grid & New Earth 30-day (March 2019)
"The blockages are sometimes so persistent that it doesn't work and Jolanda came into play here, who could really watch and make extra space, so that I could continue better.
I also had trouble seeing in the invisible worlds and I was also well guided by both Luc and Jolanda. "

“.... Furthermore, Luc and Jolanda have also cleared up major blockages to support my process. I have not always consciously experienced this, but it did its job in the background In one meditation I experienced a very profound healing, which through the preliminary work of Luc and Jolanda, opened my heart even further at the back. "

"A whole new world has opened up for me, especially because of the super patient guidance from Luc and Jolanda in the background. Nothing was too much, I could always contact them with my questions."
Personal session by Luc - Mother & son
We enlisted Luc's help when we got stuck with our son who can't keep up with the current education system and dropped out a few months ago. It is difficult to find the right care within regular care. Luc helped me to ground myself firmly again, to have confidence in my intuition and I am now again able to look at the situation more neutrally. It's quite an intense and energy-consuming process. After the session there was more air and space in my body and I also noticed this in my son. He finds it annoying that certain things take more effort for him and would rather not dwell on them. After the session I noticed that he could be more open to this and that it was just negotiable. We're not there yet and I'm going to ask Luc one more time for help, but for now it opened up the way we got stuck. - M.J.
Personal session by Luc - Mother & daughter
I asked Luc for help because I had difficulty connecting and it was difficult to connect with myself and my children. My daughter in particular, who has just started secondary school, needed my support. Through a nice session with Luc I re-established the connections and felt it flowing again. My daughter also regained confidence, energy and strength and she is now doing better with going to school.

In the meantime I had a few more contact with Luc and that contact feels very warm and unconditional. I therefor am very grateful for his contribution to my spiritual development. - Kim
Personal session by Luc - A session with Luc feels very special.
I call for his help for different types of complaints, both for non-physical and physical.
Because in every complaint there is, usually deeply hidden, one hidden present that you can unwrap with Luc. In a loving way he guides you inside yourself, to your self. When you find the pain spot, it will be immediately neutralized.
I had four tick bites that apparently wanted to tell me something
After the session I felt much closer to myself, much more grounded. I felt lighter and also 'new'. I adapt less, feel better what suits me and also act to it. It also feels very natural.
For anyone with any complaint: a must. You really solve the complaint! - Tilly